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Sexual and Reproductive Health Educator & Researcher


Zainab “Zee” Sulaiman (she/her/hers) is sexual and reproductive health educator, activist and researcher. Her focus is on women and girl’s right to safety and health with a passion for advocating for equity and access in women’s reproductive health. Over the past 7 years, she has advocated for, researched, designed and implemented sexual and reproductive health services and gender-based violence prevention programs using an intersectional and gender justice framework. Her work has centered on creating impact in the lives of women and girls by affirming and amplifying their voices. Zee has worked with communities, local partners, and within local government structures across the pan-African diaspora to create synergies that advance SRHR and gender justice.


She holds a BA in Psychology and Pan African Studies from Drew University, and an MSc in Global Mental Health from King’s College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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