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Nikki Ngbichi-Moore is originally from the Ivory Coast, and currently lives in Bowie, MD with her husband Jeffrey and their two beautiful children: Olivia, 9, and Justin, 18 months. She is passionate about gender and race inequality that she personally experienced while living in the US. While working for a small community nonprofit in DC, she saw how black and brown families get caught up in the vicious cycle created by systematic racism. She is also very interested in bridging gaps between black people from different parts of the world created by the filthy messages infiltrated to us.

Nikki is currently working as the Controller for Lift, Inc in Washington DC. Before joining the Lift, Nikki was the Finance Director for The World Justice Project, before that she worked for 5 years in various accounting and finance positions at PSI (Population Services International) an international social marketing organization.


Nikki is a CPA from the state of VA, holds an MBA in Finance from UCA and a Bachelor in Finance and Decision Sciences from GSU.

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