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Youth & Membership Lead


Lucie Amadou is a Nigerien-American management, gender and social inclusion expert. As a champion for gender and social inclusion, she is passionate about strengthening equity and enhancing women and girls’ meaningful opportunities to inform local decision making—particularly in peace building and countering violent extremism. She is a  proponent of human-centered design to ensure that target groups (i.e. black women and youth) are at the forefront of decisions that impact their communities. Lucie is an avid traveler (visited 18+ countries) and a language enthusiast (fluent in English, French, Hausa, and Zarma). She believes that learning about each other’s cultures and languages can lead to a greater understanding of each other.


She has over ten years of experience supporting democracy and governance and health programs  in 20 developing countries, particularly in West Africa. Lucie holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from the Catholic University of America, where she studied the role of women in post conflict nation building. She is currently a Deputy Chief of Party and Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Advisor, based in Niger.

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