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Gender, M&E Expert


Eddah Kanini is a Monitoring, Evaluation and Gender Consultant with 13 years working experience in various positions including the Technical Advisor for a USAID funded Health programme, M&E manager and currently, as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Gender consultant. She has a Master’s degree in Public health, Monitoring and Evaluation specialization and additional courses in Health economics, Statistics, Biostatistics, Evaluations and SDG training, Impact Evaluation and public policy. Eddah brings competency in conducting qualitative and quantitative evaluations and research, nationally in Kenya, regionally in countries like South Sudan and Uganda and internationally in Jordan. She is experienced in Evaluations such as Outcome Harvesting, Baseline, End-term, Mid-term, transformative and formative evaluations among others and proficient in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, visualization and software use such as Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI), open data kit (ODK), STATA, SPSS, Excel, NVIVO, Kobo Tool Kit and MAXQDA.

She has excellent communication skills and has published in peer reviewed journals, blogs and success stories as well as made presentations to stakeholders and in conferences. She has great leadership and organizational skills and is currently the leader of Gender and Equity focused Evaluation Thematic group of IDEAS, a board of advisors (Secretary-General) for the Monitoring and Evaluation Professionals Association of Kenya (MEPAK) and a co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusivity committee of the Society of Gender Professionals.

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