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at the Forefront works to elevate the voices of Black women to address the intersectional challenges our communities face. Our global collective of Black women with expertise in public health, education, human rights (and much more) come together to ensure Black women are drivers of our own stories and narratives and to support organizations and institutions to do the same. We value the fresh perspectives that can only diversify the work we can achieve with at the Forefront. We strongly encourage Black women of African descent to apply for the open positions.

Our work with at the Forefront is run by volunteers committed to our guiding frameworks. Due to our commitment to engaging with Black women across the diaspora, positions can be conducted remotely.

Candidates with commiserative work experience are welcome to apply without a college/university degree.

ATF is committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion as we expand our team. We strongly encourage women and non-binary people with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, women and non-binary people with disabilities, women and non-binary people living in rural and marginalised communities, women and non-binary people from indigenous/ethnic minority groups, and women and non-binary people of all ages to apply.



At the Forefront (ATF) is currently seeking a part-time Youth Coordinator for our Black girl youth-centered initiative, Black girls Influence Globally, Heal, and Thrive (BRIGHT). As we recognise the systemic race and gender disparities globally that have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are long overdue dialogue on the intersectional challenges Black people face. Oftentimes, spaces for dialogue drown out the voices of those most closely affected by the issues but, with the BRIGHT’s focus on Black girls from the US and Sub-Saharan Africa, we aim to give them an opportunity to spearhead the discussions they want to have on the issues they are most concerned about with peers and mentors alike.


In collaboration with the BRIGHT and ATF leadership, the Program Coordinators will ensure effective project coordination and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance and accountability of the project. The BRIGHT Program Coordinators will work closely with, and should have experience working with, at-risk youth (particularly adolescent girls):

  • Facing mental health challenges,

  • From the LGBTQ+ community,

  • From various socioeconomic backgrounds,

  • Living with disabilities,

  • Living with HIV.


We believe that experiences in all the above stated areas can be showcased in a multitude of ways – from personal experience as a young person growing up in environments similar to those the young girls in this program come from, grassroots work in your community, opportunities to work alongside marginalised communities during your education. Fundamentally, we are seeking Program Coordinators who will steer ATF to youth-centered work with fresh perspectives.


ATF Consulting Limited is seeking a Project Manager to lead the execution, and contribute to the effective and timely implementation, of various ATF projects with fresh perspectives. In collaboration with ATF leadership, the Project Manager will serve as the technical point of contact for the ATF Consulting team, represent our key interests to external stakeholders, and direct the team as they work on projects.


At the Forefront (ATF) is currently seeking volunteer technical experts with at least 10 years of experience in the following key pillars:

  • Health Equity

  • Research/Evidence (to support our Black girl youth-centered initiative, BRIGHT)

  • Advocacy


The technical experts will work in collaboration with their respective ATF key pillar leads. They will ensure effective coordination and implementation of pillar goals.


ATF Consulting Limited is seeking the services of a qualified accounting firm to construct its financial records as required by the accounting standards and the law and also prepare and present its audited  financial statements for the fiscal years 2020 and 2021.  


Your proposal should contain, but not limited to the following considerations:

  1. Proof that the firm is certified to conduct audits in Kenya.

  1. 5 years experience of audit and bookkeeping work. 

  2. A list of similar clients served by your firm.

  3. Your staff assignments and availability to complete the bookkeeping and audit on a timely basis.

  4. Describe capability to implement computerized accounting system, preferable QuickBooks Online.

  5. Your fee proposal to conduct the audit function, along with your fee schedule for additional services that may be required beyond the scope of audit engagement. Please share a cost breakdown of the fees. The proposal should also state that any increase in the audit fee will be immediately disclosed to ATF Consulting.  

  6. Estimated number of hours/days to complete the audit.

  7. CVs of key staff who will be leading the audit.


At the Forefront (ATF) is currently seeking a part-time Communications Lead to oversee the implementation of our communications strategy. If you are passionate about Black women’s rights, race and gender equity and justice, with strong communication skills, you may be the right fit.


This role will support ATF’s mission and vision to uplift the voices and experiences of Black women through strengthening our social media marketing efforts, messaging, content development, research social justice movements, website content development and support to ATF’s communications strategy.

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